Sunday, July 20, 2008

No More Teachers, No More Books...

Well school is finally over and here is the rundown:

At Chin Pyeoung there was a special concert held by the third graders so I had only two classes. Daisy decided to take me to Outback and this was my first encounter with a car elevator.

The car drives on this disk on the ground then it turns the car so it is in proper position to enter the elevator. From there the driver leaves, the car is given a number then is lifted to it's own little cubby in the tower.

After the Outback, Eunice put in Finding Nemo for the kids and I said my goodbyes to my last class. They weren't too pressed. lol. I'm okay with that. But here are some pics of me in my office and of Daisy and I.

My outfit was cute yall. I was feeling that! Clearly I will be repeating it in Seoul this upcoming weekend.

I took a pic of my hair cause it was acting right.

Me and Daisy. I will miss her. She was def my bestie here and she stood at the bus stop with me for like 40 min talking and waiting on my bus. We avoided looking at each other so we wouldn't cry.

I sat and had a talk with the Principal to say thank you for welcoming me to your school. I was the first Native Speaker they have ever had and I hope that I left a good impression. I will be honest I wont miss it, teaching, students, bus rides - none of it. But I am glad that I did it. My fave student Lisa at that school bought me the most outrageously great gift, it's the Korean masks of the Mask Festival framed with a book in English explaining each mask and the meaning of the dances! I love it but now I gotta get it to the post office to ship it home. I gave her my email address so she can keep sending me her essays so we can continue to work on her English. The girl is smart and I want to encourage that.