Sunday, July 20, 2008

Open Class

Oh the Open Class....I have so many mixed feelings about it but at the end of the day it was my last day and that's all that really matters. I think it's unrealistic what they are trying to do but whateves yo! So here is what they said:

  • America lesson was good but too much info in one class
  • I have good pronunciation (She speaks so well, she's so articulate--Thank you Chris Rock)
  • Co-Teaching is good
  • Mixed feelings about the fact that I never teach out of the book
I'm going to leave those at that....except the book thing. The English books here teach the kids how to answer specific questions with specific answers. Think computer programming. I am not a fan. They do not teach the students how to compose or conjugate. My teaching focus has always been on pronunciation and basic grammar. I was told that my lessons are too hard but I'm okay with that. The smart ones were challenged and the not so smart ones ate paper. Just like in life I have high standards in the classroom.

On a lighter note when Abbey showed up for the open class she and I were dressed just a like! It was so cute. We both had the ruffle shirt and black pencil skirts! Do I hear FB profile pic?

Ughhh look at my tan! My friends know I am not a fan of tanning and this just takes the cake. I know it comes from my mountain runs so if I have to sacrifice a tan for no gut I will take it. Side Note* I am a fan of all shades but on me it just looks awkward.

There were more pics taken and I am going to try to have my coteach email them to me so I can make an official FB album out of them.

So this is the agenda for the rest of the month:
  • Go to Daegu tomorrow (Monday) to give the voucher for my plane ticket and pick up some Aveda for my hair
  • Hit up Seoul to hang out with Ebony and the crew before she ships out and get some new pants and my AKA Jacket!
  • Teach teachers with Laura at the Institute
I'll keep you updated...


Anonymous said...

This is great, although just acccept the "tan", don't let it ruin things.
Being dark is not a bad thing...keep telling your self that...